Twitter as a Check for Understanding

Arguably one of the best ways to see if a student has understood a text is to ask them to summarize it into their own words.  This important skill teaches students to sort through the details, find the most salient points and convey them quickly and concisely.  Current educational best practice requires us to do quick and constant checks for understanding of student learning.  Enter technological trailblazer Twitter.  For those of you who have a Twitter account you may know that a tweet is the encapsulation of a thought or event in 140 characters or less.  Some advanced Twitter users may use social media nomenclature like LOL or BFF to expand their comment but it is still a short quick snapshot.

While I was at Odyssey this week Josh Austin showed me how he used this concept in a recent lesson (above) to have students convey the message of the Declaration of Independence to King George III using Twitter methodologies.  Thanks for sharing Josh!