Possible Global 1 and Global 2 Regents Exam?

While attending the Network Team Institute in Albany this week I asked the Commissioner of Education Dr. John King, about the possibilty of splitting up the Global 1 and Global 2 Regents Exam, and how will the new social studies regents exams allow teachers for more dealving into complicated texts at the risk of running out of time for content.

His reponse was encouraging.  He very much supports the Global 1 and Global 2 exam split.  Providing that the Board of Regents votes to divide them, we could see it happen in the next year or two.

He also indicated an increased focus on deep reading and the ability to cite their responses from texts on the exam.  Essentially this would create a DBQ section of the assessment that would be much larger and more indepth than we see today.  As we are in the very early stages of this it is hard to say what it will look like exactly at this point.