The National Museum of Play at Strong Offers Great Opportunities for Social Studies Learning

I recently went on a field trip with my son who is in first grade.  I met him and his class over at the Museum of Play downtown.  His class is looking at how play has changed over the past 100 years.  It was a great social studies field trip as the students had tons of hands on experiences and very knowledgeable hosts.  And to top it all off… we had fun!  The only depressing part was finding my old Star Wars toys now being displayed in a museum.  I am getting old 😦
Feel free to click on their website for grade level lesson plans that utilize the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and adhere to the New York State Learning Standards indicated under each lesson description.  I am a huge believer in getting students out of the classroom and into hands on field visits.  Some of my greatest memories of elementary school were field visits.  If you need help with visiting local organizations please contact me and I will do all that I can to assist.
View the National Museum of Play’s School Lessons Catalog as PDF