What Happens When Students Don’t Learn It the First Time? Using Technology to Reteach: Part II

One of the easiest questions in the field of education to answer is which students did not learn the lesson objectives.  All you need to do is look at the assessment scores. 

One of the most difficult questions to answer in the field of education is what do you do with these students now?  Before it is too late…

Several months ago I posted an article on using programs like Kahn Academy and Learnzillion to help re-teach an activity as part of credit recovery or review for some students.  Recently on a stop to Olympia High School I had an opportunity to sit down with Mr. Colelli to discuss how he re-teaches activities to students who did not get it the first time.  His answer; Using technology to re-teach.  On his website , (which is extensive by the way) he sends students to a link that re-teaches the lesson that they may have ,missed or were not successful on. 

Mr. Colelli used free programs like Windows Moviemaker and Audacity to record his voice over his Powerpoint presentations for students to access.  After the students have sometime to go over these sections of his website he allows retakes of his quizzes to show their renewed understanding.

Great work!

Using Technology to Reteach

While at the Network Team Institute training in Albany this week we looked at how data should be used to infom instruction and act as a diagnostic tool to determine which lessons the student mastered and which lessons the students may need addional support with.  Instead of simply reteaching the lesson (which can take a lot of time away from other duties, two alternative reteaching tools were demonstrated to the teams by the NYS Departement of Education.  Learnzillion and The Khan Academy are new and free ways to allow students to independently be tutored by programs that have been proven to make a difference in E-Learning.  Check out the hundreds of social studies lessons that are online.

I infact used the Khan Academy a few times in my class and the students were very receptive to it!  You can get is as an app on the iphone as well.

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