Working Together for a Common Focus on the Common Core

After spending 2 more grueling days in Albany as a member of the Greece Network Team one thing is very clear… ELA teachers and social studies teachers must work hand in hand if we are to truly create a rich reading and writing curriculum here at Greece CSD. With the Common

Core’s Learning Standards focus on the use of historical documents both supplemental and central to the Standards the expertise of both the ELA and social studies teachers must be combined to help student to “read like detectives and write like investigative reporters.”

For two days earlier this week, Diane Boni, Stephanie Smyka, Eric Blask and I were introduced to what seemed like 10 days of material on ELA Common Core shifts 1 & 2, 4 and 6. The math folks also got their fill of some of the new information coming from the state.

In this session the ELA folks were treated to some amazing ideas of how to roll out the common core in the classroom including video of teachers delving into complex texts with students and engaging them in text based questions that were worth asking. To hear these students confidently answer the questions while citing textual evidence for their response was an inspiring moment for many at the Institute.

The presenters also offered up great ideas on how to drill down into the text to help struggling students who may not understand the “message” by digging down through these 5 layers of the text:

1. The text (as a whole)

2. A passage

3. A sentence

4. A phrase

5. A word

Studies have shown that when a student cannot comprehend a complex text, it is most often because they are having trouble with a sentence, phrase or word. The teacher can find the student’s point of confusion by checking for understanding at each of these layers. Once the point of confusion is identified a teacher can address the issue, and spiral back up through the layers to ensure a student’s understanding of the entire text.

Supplemental historical text supporting larger works was also a major topic at the institute. Imagine the power of reading The Crucible (Arthur Miller’s play about the Salem Witch Trials) in an ELA class, followed by a close read in a social studies class of the “Enemies from Within” speech by Senator McCarthy, as he accuses key members of our government of being communist. These two texts support each other by providing a “mental velcro” to finally help students make interdisciplinary connections stick.  Furthermore, delving into multiple supplemental historical texts on this subject with increasing complexity, will allow students’ to be more exposed to those crucial tier 2 and 3 vocabulary words.

The trip was long and the work was tiring but somehow every time we come back home we have even more energy and excitement to put toward the important work ahead to make all of our students college and career ready.

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