Grade 2 Benchmark

Greece Central School District

2012 Grade 2 Benchmark

Information for Teachers and Administrators 

What is the Benchmark?

The benchmark is an assessment of Social Studies skills and knowledge obtained from grades K-2.

Why is it Given?

The assessment continues to serve as a measure of the K-2 Social Studies program in order to evaluate the curriculum and provide baseline data to make future decisions about the program. The assessment is not intended to serve as an evaluative tool for individual students or teachers.

Who Takes the Benchmark?

All students in grade 2 must complete the benchmark.

What is on the Benchmark?

The assessment includes 5 different “documents” – pictures of various people, places and symbols from the K-2 curriculum. There are a total of eight different questions that correspond with the documents.

When is the Benchmark Given?

The assessment must be given between Friday, June 1st and Friday, June15, 2012. Administrators and/or teachers may elect the time and day. Schools are NOT required to have all students take the assessment at the same time; teacher discretion may be used, as long as the benchmark is given within the specified timeframe.


Teachers will receive:

  • The benchmark for each student (to be delivered to testing coordinators from theDistrictImagingCenter).
  • An answer key and qualitative feed back form will be posted on on June 1st on a password protected page.
  • The Qualitative Feedback form is to be completed by individual teachers OR grade 2 teams.

Administering the Test

Preferably, students should complete the entire benchmark in one sitting. Teacher discretion is permitted.

 Scoring the Test

Benchmarks are to be scored in buildings, in teams (preferably) and then submit qualitative feedback.