RtI and Differentiation

RtI Pyramids from Greece Central:  These three pyramids outline different levels of need and interaction at the high school, middle school and elementary school levels.

RtI Pyramid – Elementary Level

RtI Pyramid – Middle School Level

RtI Pyramid – High School Level

RtI PowerPoint from GCSD Data Summit

MyRead – A website dedicated to strategies for teaching reading in the middle school years, especially for struggling readers.  The site has a menu that contains explicit teaching strategies, scaffolding learning, monitoring and assessment, organizing the classroom to support reading, professional development, and research articles.

Webpage Resources for RtI and Differentiation:

Edutopia – What Works for Differentiation in Elementary Classrooms

RtI Action Network

National Center on Response to Intervention

PowerPoint Summary for RtI and Differentiation in Social Studies Classrooms:

Differentiation as RTI in Social Studies Classrooms PowerPoint

Differentiation as RtI Summary for Teachers

Articles and Resources:

RtI – A Classroom Teacher’s Key Role

A Detailed Map of Differentiation Strategies (Instruction and Content)

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