9-12 Social Studies Framework Posted

From Engageny.org:

Each instructional content area must include standards and frameworks that describe the knowledge and skills required for students to progress toward College and Career readiness. NYSED has taken steps to align the current social studies learning standards (United States and New York State History; World History; Geography; Economics; and Civics, Citizenship, and Government) with the requirements of the Common Core State Standards. This work has been developed in consultation with teachers and leaders in P-12 schools and higher education institutions. The draft New York State Common Core K-8 Social Studies Framework was posted in September 2012 for public review and comment at http://engageny.org/resource/new-york-state-common-core-k-8-social-studies-framework. A survey was conducted during September and early October and results were reviewed by the Social Studies Content Advisory Panel in October.

At the September 2012 meeting, the Board of Regents discussed a requirement for dividing the current Global History and Geography course of study into two units of study. The Social Studies Content Advisory Panel met in October and discussed this proposal. At the November 2012 meeting, the Board directed staff to seek public input on the proposed changes. A limited survey was conducted in December and the results supported a chronological approach. This information was reviewed with the Board of Regents at the January 2013 meeting and this draft New York State Common Core 9-12 Social Studies Framework was developed accordingly (See:http://www.regents.nysed.gov/meetings/2013Meetings/January2013/113p12d3.pdf).

The draft framework represents a chronological approach to the Global History and Geography course of study, with the first unit addressing the Neolithic Revolution to the beginnings and causes of the Industrial Revolution (approximately 1750), and the second unit beginning with the Enlightenment and continuing through modern times.

This draft framework also incorporates the Key Ideas and Conceptual Understandings for the following courses: United States History and Government; Participation in Government; and Economics, the Enterprise System, and Finance. The draft framework is posted online for public review at http://engageny.org/resource/new-york-state-common-core-9-12-social-studies-framework.


New Things at EngageNY


EngageNY, the state’s website that follows the changes in education surrounding the APPR process, Common Core implementation and other policies, is regularly updated.  Two of the most recent additions to the website are new SLO resources, as well as a release of the 2013 NYS test guides in ELA and Math, grades 3-8.

These guides offer insight into the changes in assessment due to the Common Core Standards implementation.  Below is a quick summary of the test guides, as well as the new SLO resources.  Check them out at the links provided as well.

New SLO Resources at EngageNY:

Videos related to the SLO process span a wide range, but for teachers, the two most appropriate videos are: Student Learning Objectives 101 for Teachers, and the recently released Students Learning Objectives 102 for Teachers.   The videos distinguish unique teaching characteristics and implications for SLOs, they include guiding questions, and provide key points for SLOs.

Here is the link:  SLO Resource Page – EngageNY

Test Guides for ELA and Math with Common Core Standards:

Even though currently these tests cover ELA and Math, grades 3-8, there are overall trends that will impact how we teach social studies in the coming years.  The Common Core implementation timeline has already started, and in the next 2-3 years, social studies regents exams will reflect these skill-based shifts.

The test guides provide educators with insight into NYS assessments.  They address the following:

1) The ELA and Math shifts demanded by the Common Core Standards.

2) How the ELA and Math Common Core assessments differ from past NYS exams.

3) The 2013 Common Core ELA and Math test content and design

4) The new short, and extended response Common Core questions.

Social studies is closely related to ELA in terms of skill development, and the new ELA Common Core assessments include the following changes:

1) All text passage will be authentic, and some will be opinionated in which students may disagree.

2) Text passage may be longer and more rigorous than on past exams.

3) ELA tests will be split between four books and administered over three days.

4) Grade 3 and 4 tests will have a shorter maximum testing time.

5) New CCLS rubrics will be used for scoring short and extended response questions.

Explore the testing guides here: Grades 3-8 Common Core ELA and Math Testing Guides


Many of us have questions about assessments from the state – What is the new format?  How do I teach my courses when I don’t know about the summative assessment?  What will the Common Core standards look like on the new exams?  As well, the SLO post-assessment for local courses are also new this year (Global 9, Citizens in Action).  Spending some time on the EngageNY website will help with these questions, and many others as the end of the year approaches.  As well, look into the EngageGreece content on our own district website (www.greece.k12.ny.us), and our librarians can also be a great resource for Common Core questions.

As usual, any questions, please email me at matthew.schultz@greece.k12.ny.us.

CIA Volunteer Opportunity

CIA Teachers,

Here is a great volunteer opportunity for your students.  Check it out!

Volunteer Opportunity

What: An opportunity to help English as a second language (ESOL) learners  – they are students in Greece Central.

Who: CIA Students would help tutor ESOL learners, complete homework, or work with the teachers.

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-8:30pm.  Students do not have to be at every session.

Where: Greece Ridge Mall

Why: You get to help students in need of support, complete CIA volunteer hours, and if interested in Education, get a great experience in helping others learn.

Contact: If interested, please contact me at matthew.schultz@greece.k12.ny.us or Annamaria Falzarano (GCSD Coordinator of World Languages) at annamaria.falzarano@greece.k12.ny.us with student names.  Feel free to give either email to students as well.

Here’s the summary from Ms. Falzarano’s request for volunteers:

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8:30 pm we run a Family Literacy program for ESOL students K-12 at the mall. I currently have two teachers leading the program. Happily, our enrollment has grown, and I was wondering if we could tap CIA students in need of service hours to help us out with the program. I have used student volunteers in the past, and it has been successful for all. The high school students help the program students to finish homework, assist the teacher with activities, read stories, etc.

Thanks for helping…



EngageNY is a Must For Us

Hi all,

There is a lot of anxiety regarding the APPR changes, SLO development, PLC process tied to formative assessment and the RTI models – not to mention the Common Core Standards.  As teachers, we are being asked to weave all these new pieces together for the new NYSUT rubric.  EngageNY has a lot of resources that we can use to help understand many of these things.  The link is below…check it out.


On another note.  Hopefully you all had a chance to view the Common Core PPT and one page teacher “cheat-sheet.”  We all do a lot of great things in the classroom, and those may help to identify what we are already doing that relates to the CCSS.  Anytime you do things that relate to the CCSS, NYSUT rubric or PLC work – save them – they are your evidence to share with administrators, not only throughout the year, but also at the end of the year during the evaluation process.  Be a self-advocate!

That’s all for now…Look for more posts on this blog every week with teacher resources, etc.  We are also looking to have a few teachers get engaged in some exciting district committees regarding our teaching, so look for those as well.


EngageNY Posts New Common Core Exemplars for Middle School & Elementary

Some new common core exemplars have been posted on engageny.  Thanks to @Stephanie_Smyka for directing me to these great interdisciplinary resources.  I particularly like the Fredierck Douglass example.

Additionally, if you are a fan of David Coleman you may want to check out www.achievethecore.org for more CCLS resources.

Also, NY Massachsettes and Rhode Island have developed some new ruberic to help direct some of the new common core lesson development.  Check out the links below:

Additionally, if you are a fan of David Coleman you may want to check out www.achievethecore.org for more CCLS resources.

Greece Central Seeks Stakeholder Feedback

This past fall, the Greece Central Board of Education and district leaders identified five district goals that have guided comprehensive action planning and overall school improvement since their adoption in August 2011. These goals, which include improving student achievement, providing high quality instruction, developing responsive services, ensuring school safety and improving communication, have guided our work over the past few months. We are now preparing to develop a strategic action plan to help guide us over the next three to five years as we prepare to improve results with limited resources.

It is critically important to have stakeholder input into our new district plan to improve achievement results in college and career ready graduates. To that end, we have partnered with the National Center for School Leadership to conduct a School Climate and Culture Survey for all staff. Completing the staff survey gives you an opportunity to share your opinions about our schools and district.

Survey responses will be benchmarked with schools across the country and school systems similar to ours. The results will be discussed this summer by the Board of Education, the Executive Instructional and Student Achievement Leadership Team and the District Leadership Team. Areas will be identified for further research and discussion, which will ultimately lead to enhanced school performance.

Please click HERE to take the survey. Surveys must be submitted by February 17.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this important survey.

Laurel Heiden
Community Relations Manager
Greece Central School District