Vocabulary Words to Help You Pass the Global Studies Regents Examination!

Over the past several weeks several teachers and I poured over the Global Studies Regents Examinations that were given in the last 5 years.  Several vocabulary words that were not always specific to just social studies began to reappear as a pattern on these exams.  These “Tier II” vocabulary words were put into a program called Quizlet by Teresa Inclema-Currie (Thank Teresa!)  This program will allow students to learn these words through online virtual flash cards or through other activities on the Quizlet website.  Click here:http://quizlet.com/subject/helpful-words-for-the-global-studies-regents/

Quizlet also offers an App for Iphone and Ipad for practiving these on the go!



Also thank you to Diane Boni for suggesting the following steps by Marzano for:

Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement

The six steps to effective vocabulary instruction outlined in Marzano’s Building Background Knowledge for      Academic Achievement(2004)

  • Step       1: the teacher provides a description, explanation, or example of the new term

    Step       2: students restate the explanation of the new term in their own words

    Step       3: students create a nonlinguistic representation of the term

    Step       4: students periodically do activities that help them add to their knowledge of vocabulary terms

    Step       5: periodically students are asked to discuss the terms with one another

  • Step       6: periodically students are involved in games that allow them to play with the terms

Why is Student Choice and Voice Important in Differentiation of Instruction?

Check out the above video see how one teacher utilizes “Learning Menus” graphic organizers, website and brochure design, to encourage student choice and student voice in their learning.  Great differentiation and critical thinking lesson that can be used with almost any social studies topic or level!