AP World Textbook Committee Recommends Waiting for Changes

On Monday, December 5th the AP World Collegial Circle met to look at the adoption of a new textbook. After combing through the mounds of new textbook samples, DVD’s, CD’s, resource material, and ancillary materials it was determined that with changes in the AP World Curriculum as well as changes with the Common Core initiative it would be best for the District to wait to see how publishers will adapt and modify their materials to these changes to better support our teacher’s instruction. Special thanks to Lauri Secker, Carl Stresing, Jason LaDue and Ralph Fornarola for taking part in this committee.

On another note we still have many left over resources, textbooks, test prep books and ancillary materials from the review process that are up for grabs. Please click on the links below to watch the video inventory of what is left. If there is something on the table that you would like… chances are I have several copies locked up in storage.