APPR and SLO Work

The APPR and SLO work that we are all focused on in education has tremendous impacts on our profession – geared to student learning and development of skills.  The focus is on teacher evaluation in multiple ways, and the resources below give an idea of those evaluations.  Part of this process is the student learning objectives (SLOs) that are created for student growth.   As teachers, being aware and knowledgeable of this process enables us to participate more throughout the year, control goal-setting and other meetings with administrators, and provide real, enriching and dynamic learning opportunities for students.  Ultimately the goal is to connect Common Core SS, new NYS Social Studies Common Core curricula, formative assessments, differentiation and data collection to the APPR and provide evidence of our craft as teachers.

A Guide to Developing Student Learning Objectives – This two-page guide presents lots of information related to SLOs in a very easy format.  Through eight elements of the SLO, the document presents guiding questions, criteria, standards and multiple measures for each.  Here are the eight elements:

1) Student Population, 2) Learning Content, 3) Interval of Instructional Time, 4) Evidence, 5) Baseline, 6) target, 7) HEDI Criteria, and 8) Rationale



TED Handbook – This is a comprehensive document that outlines the system in place for advancing teaching growth and student learning.  Included are the four phases of TED, rating and scoring teacher effectiveness, and working with different measures of teacher practice and student achievement.

2012 NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubric – This document is based on the 2011 practice rubric, but was updated in August 2012.  The seven major standards of evaluation are covered in detail, based on different indicators.  Also included for each indicator are examples of what teachers will do through each HEDI rating: Ineffective, Developing, Effective and Highly Effective.

Getting to 100 Points

Blank SLO Template, used in GCSD – Click here to view a blank SLO template that is being used in Greece Central.

SLO Roadmap for District – PowerPoint – This presentation covers the basics of SLOs, how the serve as a component of the teacher evalation, and the differences between the locally-measured SLO as compared to the NYS Regents exam SLO. There are a lot of great, easy to understand visuals and organizers throughout this presentation that help with grasping the details of the SLO process.

Student Learning Objectives and Your Teacher Evaluation – Another presentation through NYSUT.  This document covers a review of the development, implementation and scoring of SLOs, as well as what to consider for successful SLO development, and available resources.

SLO Booklet for Teachers – This document covers much of the same material regarding SLOs as the two presentations above.   It contains exemplar SLO Templates that have been completed, as well as an example of SLO tracking of student assessment.


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