Moving Forward with Common Core Training

All schools in Greece have been moving forward with the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards.  At the secondary level, teachers have been exploring connections between Common Core Standards by content, combined with the practices and skills of each discipline area.

For example,  teachers have started to analyze the five practices of social studies identified by NYS, and connected them to Common Core skill development.  At Arcadia, social studies teachers in grades 6-12 have started to explore vertical alignment in terms of essential content, CCLS skills, and targeted social studies practices; “Doing History.”


At Athena Middle School, staff worked through both tiered vocabulary training, as well as text-dependent questions activities.  Both are at the heart of CCLS across all content areas.  Click on the links below to view each PowerPoint, as presented by Principal Dave Richardson.

Text Dependent Questions – PowerPoint outlining the creation, process, and evaluation of Text-Dependent Qs.

Tiered Levels of Vocabulary – A second PowerPoint that summarizes the different tiered levels of vocabulary and how to effectively implement these in classrooms.

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