Evidence Guide for Common Core…

One way we can strive to include Common Core activities in our classrooms is through a simple checklist.  Below is a link to an evidence guide for implementing Common Core activities in social studies.  There are similar ELA Common Core guides at achievethecore.org.  This guide for social studies is based on those.  The guide is broken down into three parts, and focuses on the following three pedagogical strategies:

1) Building knowledge through content-rich non-fiction texts and documents.

2) Progression of reading and writing supported with textual evidence.

3) Integration of social studies themes and practices, as identified by NYS.

There are indicators for each of these three areas, withing lessons, across the school year, and even beyond the classroom.  Another great aspect of this guide is that it connects Common Core practices with the NYSUT Teacher rubric used in APPR evaluations in Greece.  By no means should this guide be used solely for evaluation purposes, but it does provide teachers with a great amount of evidence that relates to all 7 different standards in the NYSUT rubric.

Evidence Guide for Common Core Standards

Any questions, please email (matthew.schultz@greece.k12.ny.us).



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