Evidence Guide for Common Core…

One way we can strive to include Common Core activities in our classrooms is through a simple checklist.  Below is a link to an evidence guide for implementing Common Core activities in social studies.  There are similar ELA Common Core guides at achievethecore.org.  This guide for social studies is based on those.  The guide is broken down into three parts, and focuses on the following three pedagogical strategies:

1) Building knowledge through content-rich non-fiction texts and documents.

2) Progression of reading and writing supported with textual evidence.

3) Integration of social studies themes and practices, as identified by NYS.

There are indicators for each of these three areas, withing lessons, across the school year, and even beyond the classroom.  Another great aspect of this guide is that it connects Common Core practices with the NYSUT Teacher rubric used in APPR evaluations in Greece.  By no means should this guide be used solely for evaluation purposes, but it does provide teachers with a great amount of evidence that relates to all 7 different standards in the NYSUT rubric.

Evidence Guide for Common Core Standards

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A Few Common Core Resources to Check Out

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NYLearns.org is a relatively new website dedicated to curriculum management and standards based system.  You will find many different resources, including a searchable standards database.  This database (located in the “standards” tab) allows you to search any curriculum across all grade levels.  You can even select standards by course.  Even better than that, it contains symbols that you can click  on to connect content standards to Common Core Standards.   For example, if you view standards, and select by subject and grade level, there are social studies standards that relate to Common Core.  All you need to do is click the Common Core icon, and it brings you to the related standard in ELA or Common Core.  This will definitely be a webpage we can use to integrate these standards.

Just a quick post here to include some new Common Core resources from EngageNY.org.  Below you will see links to documents that relate to sample NYS assessments with the new Common Core focus.  Also, explore the evidence gathering lists for implementing Common Core strategies into lessons in your classrooms.   Most of this relates to ELA, but of course we can use these resources in our social studies classrooms as well.

ELA Sample Common Core Assessment Qs – Grade 3

ELA Sample Common Core Assessment Qs – Grade 4

ELA Sample Common Core Assessment Qs – Grade 8

Evidence Guide for Common Core Planning; ELA K-2

Evidence Guide for Common Core Planning; ELA 3-5

Evidence Guide for Common Core Planning; ELA 6-12

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New Things at EngageNY


EngageNY, the state’s website that follows the changes in education surrounding the APPR process, Common Core implementation and other policies, is regularly updated.  Two of the most recent additions to the website are new SLO resources, as well as a release of the 2013 NYS test guides in ELA and Math, grades 3-8.

These guides offer insight into the changes in assessment due to the Common Core Standards implementation.  Below is a quick summary of the test guides, as well as the new SLO resources.  Check them out at the links provided as well.

New SLO Resources at EngageNY:

Videos related to the SLO process span a wide range, but for teachers, the two most appropriate videos are: Student Learning Objectives 101 for Teachers, and the recently released Students Learning Objectives 102 for Teachers.   The videos distinguish unique teaching characteristics and implications for SLOs, they include guiding questions, and provide key points for SLOs.

Here is the link:  SLO Resource Page – EngageNY

Test Guides for ELA and Math with Common Core Standards:

Even though currently these tests cover ELA and Math, grades 3-8, there are overall trends that will impact how we teach social studies in the coming years.  The Common Core implementation timeline has already started, and in the next 2-3 years, social studies regents exams will reflect these skill-based shifts.

The test guides provide educators with insight into NYS assessments.  They address the following:

1) The ELA and Math shifts demanded by the Common Core Standards.

2) How the ELA and Math Common Core assessments differ from past NYS exams.

3) The 2013 Common Core ELA and Math test content and design

4) The new short, and extended response Common Core questions.

Social studies is closely related to ELA in terms of skill development, and the new ELA Common Core assessments include the following changes:

1) All text passage will be authentic, and some will be opinionated in which students may disagree.

2) Text passage may be longer and more rigorous than on past exams.

3) ELA tests will be split between four books and administered over three days.

4) Grade 3 and 4 tests will have a shorter maximum testing time.

5) New CCLS rubrics will be used for scoring short and extended response questions.

Explore the testing guides here: Grades 3-8 Common Core ELA and Math Testing Guides


Many of us have questions about assessments from the state – What is the new format?  How do I teach my courses when I don’t know about the summative assessment?  What will the Common Core standards look like on the new exams?  As well, the SLO post-assessment for local courses are also new this year (Global 9, Citizens in Action).  Spending some time on the EngageNY website will help with these questions, and many others as the end of the year approaches.  As well, look into the EngageGreece content on our own district website (www.greece.k12.ny.us), and our librarians can also be a great resource for Common Core questions.

As usual, any questions, please email me at matthew.schultz@greece.k12.ny.us.