CIA Academy Begins November 28th

The CIA Academy, a unique partnership between the Greece Central School District and the Greece Police Department, will begin on November 28th, 2012. This is the first of 10 meetings between students in Greece, and Police Officers in the GPD. Students will learn, many times through hands-on experiences, the many different roles of the Police Department in Greece, NY. The first meeting centers on introductions and the Police Department as an organization. Officer Jim Leary has taken the lead again in partnering with district administrators and classroom teachers.

30 students from Arcadia, Olympia, Odyssey and Athena were selected to participate. The activities range from learning about different divisions in the GPD (Patrol, DWI Enforcement, Firearms safety, Criminal Investigations Division, etc.) to experiences at the Greece Town Hall, and Animal Services, among many others. More detailed information is included in the CIA Academy Schedule below.

Click on the documents below for more information, and as always, please email me at with any questions.


CIA Academy Schedule, 2012-13 School Year – A detailed schedule for teachers and students that includes the dates, times, and topics of the ten meetings – as well as Graduation Day. Look here if you have questions about when and where to attend.

An Overview of the CIA Academy in Greece CSD – This document summarizes the CIA Academy in Greece.


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