New NYS K-8 Common Core Curriculum Released

NYS released the new K-8 Common Core Curriculum for social studies a few weeks ago.  Attached is the file if you’d like to look through it.  If you are familiar with Common Core, it will look very familiar to you.  My guess is that soon, more curricula will be released like this for the 9-12 grade levels as well.  It’s a huge part of the new evaluation process, so looking through it will help all of us with connections between social studies content, common core standards, and what we do in the classroom.  The document is rather large, but it does provide some basics…here the are:

  • Three major concepts provide the framework for the new curriculum: Key Ideas/Concepts, Common Core Literacy skills, and effective Social Studies Practices.
  • 5 Social Studies Standards: History of NY and US; World History; Geography; Economics; Civics, Citizenship and Government.
  • Common Core Reading Skills: Key Ideas from text; craft and structure; integrating knowledge; text complexity.
  • Common Core Writing Skills: Types of text/purpose; production of writing; research; range of writing
  • As social studies teachers, we will be expected to teaching these Common Core literacy standards as well as the key ideas and content from the NYS social studies standards.

Even if you teach 9-12, this resource will still help in understanding the connections between Common Core, NYS Social Studies standards, and what we are expected to do in the classroom.

Here’s the link:



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