Apps for Education

Below is a short list of some apps that students and teachers may be able to use to study, research information, or connect to classroom content.  There are hundreds of apps out there for education, but most of these are free – so if students have smartphones, they could easily download these – and most work on iPads too.  They are categorized by subject for high school social studies.  Hopefully they’ll help a bit – plus with the new Greece Central technology policy, students and teachers could use some of these in class, for review, or for enrichment opportunities when students finish work early.

Global History I and II Regents

  1. Pearson Education
  2. History: Maps of the World
  3. Barron’s Regents Review ($2.99)
  4. Timeline Eons FREE
  5. Prentice Hall Brief Review

US History and Gov’t Regents

  1. iAmerica
  2. Pearson Education
  3. Barron’s Regents Review ($2.99)

Citizens in Action

  1. Flipboard (news feed app that students can customize)
  2. Gallup
  3. Poll Tracker
  4. iTrade
  5. Obama for America
  6. Romney for President

Education Apps in General

  1. PrepZilla
  2. AP Courses – 5 Steps to a 5 ($9.99)
  3. HistoryPin
  4. Common Core Standards (for teachers)

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