EngageNY is a Must For Us

Hi all,

There is a lot of anxiety regarding the APPR changes, SLO development, PLC process tied to formative assessment and the RTI models – not to mention the Common Core Standards.  As teachers, we are being asked to weave all these new pieces together for the new NYSUT rubric.  EngageNY has a lot of resources that we can use to help understand many of these things.  The link is below…check it out.


On another note.  Hopefully you all had a chance to view the Common Core PPT and one page teacher “cheat-sheet.”  We all do a lot of great things in the classroom, and those may help to identify what we are already doing that relates to the CCSS.  Anytime you do things that relate to the CCSS, NYSUT rubric or PLC work – save them – they are your evidence to share with administrators, not only throughout the year, but also at the end of the year during the evaluation process.  Be a self-advocate!

That’s all for now…Look for more posts on this blog every week with teacher resources, etc.  We are also looking to have a few teachers get engaged in some exciting district committees regarding our teaching, so look for those as well.