Free Lacrosse Program from Native American Resource Center

The Native American Resource Center offers a variety of Cultural Encounter programs where students can learn about Native American culture and history from Native American educators.  These Cultural Encounter programs support  the learning concepts found in various parts of the curriculums for many grade levels.  All programs are FREE for ALL schools in the Rochester City, Greece and Rush–Henrietta School Districts.  To schedule a program, call the Native American Resource Center at 324-9305.

Lacrosse—The Creator’s Game

The highly interactive activity will detail the cultural and historical significance of the Haudenosaunee game of Lacrosse.  Students will learn how the Haudenosaunee  invented this game, the evolution of the game and equipment, different styles of lacrosse played today, and some basic elements of game play.  Time permitting, students will have the opportunity to learn some basic skills needed for playing such as cradling, passing, catching and shooting.  ALL sticks and balls need to play are provided (including indoor “safe” lacrosse balls).  Many students enjoy the opportunity to be introduced to Tewaarathon (Mohawk word for lacrosse, actual meaning is “they bump hips”) or to gain a deeper understanding of this game.

This session may be completed during a gym class or classroom teachers may schedule a time when the students may be allowed to have outdoor learning or there is an open gym time.

Native American Resource Center

353 Congress Avenue Rochester, NY 14608 (585) 324-9305




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