2nd Grade Activities from the Native American Resource Center

The Native American Resource Center is pleased to introduce two new programs designed to help 2nd grade students learn about the Native Peoples of our area.  These Cultural Encounter programs support  the Social Studies concepts found in the Curriculum for 2nd grade (particularly the new RCSD Integrated  Curriculum).  These Cultural Encounter sessions are available to ALL schools in the Rochester City, Greece and Rush-Henrietta School Districts.  Both of these programs are FREE and may be booked by calling the Native American Resource Center at 324-9305.

Inside the Longhouse—Then and Now

This 45-minute, highly interactive, artifact filled  presentation will introduce students to the lifestyle of the Haudenosaunee  from two distinct time periods: 1490 (prior to European contact) and Today.  Using the Longhouse as the focus, students will learn about the clothing, food, games and responsibilities of Haudenosaunee, particularly children, from that historic time period. The program will conclude with discussion of the use of Longhouses today and the continued presence of Native People in our community. Elements of Haudenosaunee culture that span both time periods such as Clans, Storytelling, and Wampum will be introduced also.

Daisy Chain Bracelet – A Beadwork activity

This hands-on workshop will introduce students to the importance of Beadwork to the Haudenosaunee.  Students will learn how beads were made of natural resources, about the trading of glass beads and what certain beadwork designs mean to the Haudenosaunee. Each student will get to make (and keep) their own Daisy Chain bracelet.  All materials are supplied for this activity.  Students must be able to place beads on a string and make one tie to complete this activity.

Native American Resource Center

353 Congress Avenue Rochester, NY 14608 (585) 324-9305


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