AP World History 9th Grade Final Exam

Overview of the Assessment

The purposes of the AP World 9 final exam are as follows:

  1. To assess student proficiency with the essential content and skills required of the 9th grade curriculum towards alignment with the College Board’s Advanced Placement World History curriculum.
  2. To inform teachers’ instruction based on the strengths and areas of improvement demonstrated by overall student performance
  3. To identify students in need of instructional support
  4. To facilitate a program evaluation of skills and concepts taught throughout the K-12 continuum

The AP World 9 final exam is comprised of the following components:

  1. Multiple Choice, 50%
  2. DBQ or Change Over Time Essay, 25%
  3. Comparative Essay, 25%

Directions for Administering the Assessment

The AP 9th grade final exam will be administered to all AP 9th grade students during local exam week (June 18th).

The final exam should be administered as is, with no additional support or preparation by classroom teachers.  The exam should be administered with the same integrity and design as any New York State assessment.

The answer key will be posted on greecesocialstudies.wordpress.com on a password protected page after the exam is given on June 18.

We are not using teleforms this year.  Please secure scantron forms for the multiple choice section of this exam and utilize the scantron item analysis form that will compile your multiple choice data for you.

Gathering Assessment Feedback  (These will be emailed to you)

  • Qualitative feedback: Based on the scoring of the student assessments, each teacher will complete a graphic organizer to indicate his/her students’ demonstrated strengths and weaknesses with the essential skills, as well as description of how this information will inform his/her teaching.
  • Quantitative feedback: Based on the scoring of the student assessments, each teacher will complete an excel spreadsheet to indicate his/her students’ overall ability to meet (65% or higher) or exceed (85% or higher) expectations on the total exam, as well as the individual components.

Please return all feedback forms to Gail Gefell in the Office of Social Studies by Friday, June 22nd.

ap9 2012 Possible Essays – Please distribute this to your students on or after June 1st.


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