Vocabulary Words to Help You Pass the Global Studies Regents Examination!

Over the past several weeks several teachers and I poured over the Global Studies Regents Examinations that were given in the last 5 years.  Several vocabulary words that were not always specific to just social studies began to reappear as a pattern on these exams.  These “Tier II” vocabulary words were put into a program called Quizlet by Teresa Inclema-Currie (Thank Teresa!)  This program will allow students to learn these words through online virtual flash cards or through other activities on the Quizlet website.  Click here:http://quizlet.com/subject/helpful-words-for-the-global-studies-regents/

Quizlet also offers an App for Iphone and Ipad for practiving these on the go!



Also thank you to Diane Boni for suggesting the following steps by Marzano for:

Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement

The six steps to effective vocabulary instruction outlined in Marzano’s Building Background Knowledge for      Academic Achievement(2004)

  • Step       1: the teacher provides a description, explanation, or example of the new term

    Step       2: students restate the explanation of the new term in their own words

    Step       3: students create a nonlinguistic representation of the term

    Step       4: students periodically do activities that help them add to their knowledge of vocabulary terms

    Step       5: periodically students are asked to discuss the terms with one another

  • Step       6: periodically students are involved in games that allow them to play with the terms

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