What do Social Studies and Social Media Have in Common? Everything…

Imagine this… You are on Jeopardy, you have just choosen the catagory, “Instruction.”

Alex Trebek reads the answer:

“Looking at primary sources documenting the history of thought, seeing how the world is interconnected, understanding interactions between people, analyzing cultural and intellectual diffusion…”

You buzz in… “What are the facets of a social studies curriculum?”

Alex says, “Correct!, we also would have accepted  What is social media’s entire reason for existence!”

If Social Media was ever taught as a class I think it should be Social Studies class!  🙂  Just Saying…

There are more similarities than just the word “social” in the title!

Click on the above video to see how one teacher shows how social media and social studies could work hand in hand in the modern classroom.

Why is Student Choice and Voice Important in Differentiation of Instruction?

Check out the above video see how one teacher utilizes “Learning Menus” graphic organizers, website and brochure design, to encourage student choice and student voice in their learning.  Great differentiation and critical thinking lesson that can be used with almost any social studies topic or level!

primaryaccess.org – Amazing Tool for Working With the ” Story” of Primary Sources and DBQ Practice


Thank you to Charles Duarte @iTouchiLearn for pointing out this great resource from the University of Virginia. PrimaryAccess.org

This free resource truly makes working with primary resources fun for students by allowing students to manipulate them, create story boards and use the documents themselves to be props in their self narrated story. Sounds to me like a great DBQ practice tool!

Quote from site:

PrimaryAccess is a suite of free online tools that allows students and teachers to use primary source documents to complete meaningful and compelling learning activities with digital movies, storyboards, rebus stories and other online tools.

Free Interactive IPad App Teaches About American Government

Thanks to @Diane_Boni for the heads up on this opportunity

Now available as a free app for the iPad tablet computer, and also on the web, is Civic Quotes, a new Center on Congress resource that uses notable quotations and images to teach about American government and citizenship in an engaging, interactive way.

This project is viewable across multiple formats:

The Civic Quotes project includes 64 notable quotations – from a variety of U.S. government leaders over the years – that cover four main topics: representative democracy, role and impact of government, democratic process/compromise, and citizen participation.