The Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue Holds Student Conference

Please take a moment and ask if any studets are interested in this great opportunity for discussin global issues.

The Title of this year’s Conference is:

Global Citizenship:

The Next Generation Living in a Pluralistic World

It is a full-day conference geared toward high school students, designed to give the future leaders of our world the tools to respond to intolerance, improve religious literacy, and possess the etiquette required to work in a pluralistic world.

The goals for the event are that participating students will:

• Become more aware of the diversity of cultural and religious traditions and belief systems that exist and how they shape people’s lives.

• Learn about a religious tradition/belief system with which they are unfamiliar, helping them to gain understanding and dispel stereotypes.

• Encounter a safe environment where they can become aware of, and dialogue about, issues of religious intolerance that have occurred in their schools and communities.

• Become more aware of healthy ways of responding to conflict in order to better promote understanding.

• Learn some fundamental guidelines and etiquette to help them interact respectfully in a pluralistic society.

Please see the links below for more information

GCC-2012brochure2.pdf dec 2011


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