VIP Tour of the Greece Historical Society

Many thanks to Kathy, Lee, Alan, and Bill for the VIP treatement at the Greece Historical Society on Thursday. There is so much to see here and a great resource for Greece teachers and students!  Check them out at


2 thoughts on “VIP Tour of the Greece Historical Society

  1. Good stuff. Wondering if you met Bill Sauers (current president) over there? He’s done a lot of great local research. I’ve run into him a bunch of times at the Rochester public library on the microfilm machines. Speaking of which, what a great resource for connecting national / world events with local history – I incorporate local D+C articles on U.S. history events into several of my lesson plans for 8th grade. The microfilm machines are cheap and easy to use and you can access any newspaper from mid 1800’s on. I have specific articles on early labor strikes, WWI, the Lusitania, 1920s, and (literally) 2500+ articles from the D+C on Prohibition and rum running in Rochester – a pet project of mine. The old D+C is also a good source for rare political cartoons. Let me know if any of you are interested in this kind of resource, I can forward samples.

    S. West
    Apollo Middle

  2. Yeah, Bill took the pictures… thats why he isn’t in any of them 🙂
    I love the microfilm machines, I looked up info on my house and I printed out the front page of the 4/16/1912 Titanic articles. Talk about great primary documents for students to dig into.

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